Call Accounting Telephone System Comintax

Auditing Tools

  • Telephone Company Items: Useful for verifying and control all items included in the invoice, including the corresponding comparision with the real agreement, call values and its modifications, and eventually any complaint about the rates.
  • Telephone Company Invoice Image: to obtain inmediately the individualized items processed with Comintax compared with those registered in the invoice. Also the image result includes third part billing , like cellular companies, considering the different dates of monthly closing.
  • “Call by call”: Comintax includes a special tool that allows the comparision call by call between your own registers and those provided by the telephone company.
  • Limits of use: Setting the desired limits, may be economic, times involved, or number of calls, the system allows the auto reprogramming of the PBX when those limits are reached. Those events are previously informed automatically to the administrator by mail, giving the chance to modify those limits.
  • Retroactive processing: If any information of change of structure or personnel comes to you after you had processed the data, Comintax allows you to reprocess the information with the new defined structure.