Successful cases

Call Accounting Telephone System Comintax

Datal S.A. has realized multiple specific developments based on our COMINTAX software.

Several of such projects, have been added totally or partially to the standard software, improving it in performance, power and capabilities, in order to make it more useful for all the universe of Clients.

Some specific and individual solutions produced for control and autiding applications:

  • For an “Five Stars” international hotel: Simultaneous capturing of PBX data and WEB universe for consolidated processing.
  • Idem: Transparent integration with Passenger Accounting System.
  • Lawyers Office: Consolidated cost management with multiple personal and clients codes.
  • Insurance company: Automatic reprogramming  of the PBX over limits of use reaching.
  • Government Office: Multiple and modular Caller ID system for analogic telephone lines, with gestion software.
  • Government Office: WEB management of personal directories, and payment ticketing for 5000 employees.
  • Pharmacy laboratory: Consolidated gestion for PBX and individual cellulars.
  • Government Office: Gestion systems with specially high security and confidentially standards.
  • Industrial company: Consolidated integration of dual types of infofmation: SMDR from the PBX and CDR from VOIP system.