Call Accounting Telephone System Comintax

Control Tools

  • Different types of reports: resumed, detailed, ranking with graphs, histograms, nested field reports. All types of filtering in order to obtain the most relevant information in the simplest way to understand it.
  • Personal directory administration Evaluating individual use by extension or by personal code. Adding or deleting records, blocking of phone numbers, ticketing for personal communications payment.
  • Web Management: The client can use all the processing potential of Comintax through the Internet o the corporative Intranet. Paperless. Going on through the Web.
  • Multicarrier system: To handle multiple carriers of basic or cellular services. Can be set for multiple geographic sites, each one with its own call rates.
  • Importation of corporative configuration.
  • Exportation of reports to multiple formats (Excel, Acrobat, Word, Plain text, HTML, etc.)