Comintax software

Call Accounting Telephone System with control, auditing and “decision helping” capabilities

“The expert software” that wil allow you to acquire accurate and detailed information about your telephone system traffic.

Powerful instrument developed by Datal S.A.

Compatible with all brands and protocols of existing PBX. Including VOIP systems .

Operates in all versions of Microsoft Windows

Outstanding capabilities:

  • Simultaneous operation of multiple PBX systems and/or VOIP systems, with different protocols and different geographic locations.
  • Complete reports between day/hour/minute. Analytical, graphic, rankings, histograms.
  • Can be operated integrally through the WEB (Internet or Intranet)
  • Generates image of telecomunications providers invoice. Can be audited item by item.
  • Easy configuration by the user.
  • Multilevels of departments. Multisite. Multiple geographic locations.
  • Supports indivual directory management by personal password or extensions.
  • Distribution of costs by department and/or extension.
  • Retroactive changes of parameters.
  • Rate simulations.
  • Importation of company data organization, and exportation of reports to differents formats.
  • Dual and flexible rates for hotel applications.
  • High security level for access with individual profiles, from corporative workstations, or from remote sites through the WEB.
  • Traffic analysis with multiple histograms.
  • Least cost routing (LCR).
  • Analytic identification of multiple Basic Telephone Service providers and Cellular ones.
  • Automatic alarms via Email for multiple geographic locations.
  • Automatic reprogramming of PBX for limits of use reaching.