Call Accounting Telephone System Comintax

Decision Tools

  • Rates simulation: In order to simplify and improve te choice of the most convenient telecomunication service providers, it is possible to simulate the new rates offered by the diferent providers according to the real company historical traffic. This allows you to evaluate your own company “way of use” for the best agreement contract with those providers.
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR): You will be able to know the best communication routing among different providers to different destinations. As a result, you will be in the best conditions to program the PBX for the most rational an economical use of routes.
  • PBX reprogramming: Acording to the overcoming of a previewsly selected limits of use, may be by extension user, access code user or department, Comintax has a powerful tool that allows the auto reprogramming of the PBX, through blocking the outgoing numbers or the extension who had reached the limits.Those events are automatically informed by mail to the system administrator, who is capable to modify those limits.
  • Technologic environment: The Histogram tool, used monthly, daily, or on minute intervals, with all its analysis potential, allows a simple study of the  network saturation status, indicating the need of improving it, or to reduce it in size as needed.
  • Buy and Sell tools: For those Clients who sells communicationes, for example for hotels and hospitals applications, Comintax includes the possibility to establish diferent formulas to set selling values over the purchasing ones, having high flexibility in these formulas definition.